Introduction Agreement

Hosting splendor, Saudi origin and Origin operates under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since the customer is anyone who uses the splendor and hosting services beginning and the headquarters of the terms of this .Agreement

The client’s rights

We pledge to work on customer convenience and to provide all the services required by as much as possible and not to provide any effort to service and this includes.

Tell the client aphid clearly and transparently develop a server hosted it.

Provide copies daily, weekly and monthly backup, as well as weekly and monthly external copy “customers shared hosting,” in case you need them. But the backup responsibility of the customer fully responsible and must keep backup copies of its location to return them if the need arises but not bear the splendor of hosting any liability whatsoever in the backup is corrupted because of hacks and add-ons that cause data corruption or erroneous permits for folders and files rules.

Providing protection and reliability for servers and run by 99%.

Cooperation with the client and help in matters of technical support as much as possible, and in the case of a request for assistance beyond the duration of the work by the (10) minutes, it will automatically calculate the amount to be agreed upon by the technical support team for the provision of such support outside the scope of our responsibility.

Hosting splendor not offer free technical support for the sites, but that charges have been clarified on the site and we are only free support to the problems of hosting the site as an example interrupted by hosting.

Maintain a complete personal customer data in confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, government or international without an official letter from that side, and the customer will be notified immediately upon detection of such information to them unless the issue requires otherwise.

Customer is entitled to recover the amounts paid (in the case of an annual subscription for shared hosting and unlimited only) through (15) days of the receipt of the site (trial period) after deduction of the amount (50) Real-scale value, and in the case of dissatisfaction with the customer service provided by us and without the occurrence of any wrongdoing on the site or the customer, knowing that the restoration of the amounts may be limited only in the period between 25 to 29 of each calendar month.

Splendor Hosting is committed to providing the customer with a copy full backup of its location when requested by them, and so at any time unless the subscription ends, or is his violation of this agreement.

General Conditions of Services

It is strictly forbidden to contain the site on any article of the following materials: the songs, movies, and related activities in art, and child pornography, and programs hacker, teach breakthroughs, and to call for extremism and violence, and all Mahikhalv the teachings of our Islamic religion and the doctrine of the Sunnis and the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Prohibiting the use of periodic email newsletters from after the time 4 pm to time (6) in the morning, preferably transmission once per week and a maximum of 300 message in time so as to maintain the speed and safety of a server, “This item special agents Shared Hosting”

Strictly prohibited any files to spy or shell within the area or trying to get through the server or one of the sites it.

It is strictly forbidden to use advertising messages or the messages (Spam) (e unwanted messages) or (dumping ZIP) banned internationally also prevents publication or marketed.

It is strictly forbidden to use spaces or servers in illegal or used to work attack or penetrate other servers operations.

It has no right to the customer defamation b splendor hosting or demonized in its employees or administrators, and instead, the customer can go to the views of the competent authorities in Saudi Arabia to offer his complaint, noting that any attempt to slander or defame any respect whatsoever, give splendor Managed Hosting the full right to cancel the service and refused to provide whatever any of the customer service.

When a client spoofing or circumvent some of the terms of use agreement we have, this is a clear violation of the conditions of use of our services, which were added in essence in order to ensure the safety of services provided to the client, Viasva it will turn off a customer’s account to us, as this may cause wasting staff time administrative and technical matters as well as causing damage to public services provided to customers, MUST pay a compensatory fine for it to re-open the account. In case of violation of the above items, that the consequent shut down the site for a period of 3 days, and if it repeats are close final site, and claim to pay a fine of 200 riyals to receive backup.

All the special services of our requests, questions, solve problems, technical support … etc progress through our dedicated technical support (customer service center – the splendor of hosting) and is not providing any services through any other means.

Do not bear the splendor Hosting Hosting damage to your site or server because of errors committed by or as a result of crashes or burning on a server or one of its parts for compelling reasons.

Service owner is the account holder customer service center, which was the service request through it, nor any other person or another account claim any Mai_khas this service data, or services, or concerns about this service provided by us are entitled, and the splendor of hosting give up full responsibility of Customer data loss account in the customer service center or being robbed and Maandjem serious damage to the service provided to the customer.

Splendor Hosting’s right to suspend or cancel all or part of the services provided to the client when you see that it has been the use of these services is inappropriate and incompatible with the safety of services. Splendor Hosting also reserves the right to refuse service or not provided.

We have the right adjustment in the prices of existing plans and services to our site at any time and this does not apply to sites that booked before the amendment, but applies to all the sites at the subscription renewal.

Accounts and renewals

Confirm conversion operations and renovations Subscriptions are only through the service of Uncle Center tickets

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