Enjoy powerful features

Protection of databases<br />

Make your data and your clients always secure with our database security systems that will ensure you keep your sensitive data safe and stable.

Backup files<br />

You will not lose your server files again, with our external backup system your files will be safe no matter what happens.

Strict control<br />

In Arab hosts we monitor your server and check for any unusual activity that may cause any damage to your server or its data.

Configure the firewall<br />

Get the proper configuration and settings for your firewall, which is appropriate for its nature to eliminate any malicious or unwanted browsing requests on your site.

Monitor users<br />

To avoid any unauthorized access to servers and keep your files safe. You will get alerts when there is an entry on the root account of the server.

Confronting threats<br />

Enjoy the latest security systems and patches for your server with the services of Arab hosts, placing your server under the control of the vulnerability management system.

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